Democratic Revolutions In The 1980's

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During the 1980’s there was a multitude of major revolutionary democratic changes though various dictatorships throughout the world. The changes varied from country to country, but four main reasons were the foundations and affected every country. These structural causes and changes included: technological advances, transnationality, nonviolence discourses, and finally an emergence of human rights. The author of 1989 Democratic Revolutions at the Cold War’s End: A Brief History with Documents, Padraic Kenney, explained his ideas on how each change impacted and transformed every country differently. The main vicissitudes resulting from the dictatorships encouraged expansion of counties ' democratic views on the war and a crucial focus of domestic…show more content…
The Chilean civilians’ main goal was to be free from the United States government oppressively controlling their nation state, desiring to be autonomous with a local, Chilean leader to govern their homeland. The civilians in Chile revolted and overthrew the intrusive assistance from the United States in the 1960’s as they realized their lives would improve under a domestic head of state rather than a foreign nation’s leader backed by the foreign country’s ruling government.
Every country was influenced by the advancements of technology in the 1980’s. Chile utilized the power of broadcasts and video recorders. The civilians used video recorders when protests or riots occurred over controversial decisions Pinochet was making to enrage others and gain support against him. Technology overall played an enormous role in the creation of Chile and other countries as they are viewed today. Without all the advancements of technology, the idea of transnationality would not have been as influential as it was in the
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Chile was mainly influenced by Cuba. Cuba swayed Chile to overthrow the United States government without the use of violence. If violence was used, then more deaths would be caused and possibly a potential war. Without the influence of Cuba, Chile may not stand where it is today. Additionally, since Chileans over threw the United States government non-violently, the probability of them gaining human rights was more respected because of their actions. Cuba was a major impact on Chile with their progression towards nonviolent
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