Democratic Socialism Examples

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Democratic Socialism
With this being a year for Presidential elections, there is a lot of campaigning going on by different candidates for the office of United States President. The republican party seemed to pick their candidate early in the race; however, the democratic party took a while longer to decide on their candidate. During the campaigning a certain term called Democratic Socialism, has been used by one of the candidates, a senator from Vermont named Bernie Sanders. The purpose of the following essay is to discuss the meaning of socialism, review recent history of socialism and macroeconomic effects on the economies discussed, and finally a review of how adopting socialism in the United States might appear. This informational paper is not designed to praise or condone Democratic Socialism, but instead to provide examples and possible scenarios of utilization of some of the Democratic Socialistic approach. During the discussion about Democratic Socialism, an article will provide a history of examples of successful and not to successful attempts at socialism in the recent past. Also, describe general economic principles related to the information provided; as well as, identifying macroeconomic indices affected by actions of socialism, the relationship of the indices, and finally, evaluate the validity of implementing a Democratic Socialist Society for
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In an article written in The New American by Charles Scaliger titled Can Some Socialism Be a Good Thing, Scaliger reviews the recent history of socialism; as well as, providing examples of three countries that have tried and ultimately failed with socialism and an example of two countries whose economies are prospering under
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