Democratization In The Process Of Democracy

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Democracy is a term that is defined as a regime that is free, fair, and equal when it comes to building the framework for society and the government in order to control a society. According to the United Nations, democratization is a term that is used to describe the enhancement of democracy throughout the means of promoting good governance through both political and structural use in order to aid in the equity of a country. Linz and Stepan (1996) argues that there are five arenas that identify a consolidated democracy. The first is civil society in which there is a check on state power. Secondly, there is a political society in which power is legitimately arranged. Third, rule of law. Fourth there is bureaucratic structures to maintain violence and enforce law. Lastly, there are practices to mediate state and markets in a democracy. According to Larry Diamond (1999), the democratic process allows for growth in the development of humans that protect their shared interest. Civil societies, according to Diamond (1999), play a critical role in consolidating democracy. This includes the media and civil society organizations which help in the birthing of electoral democracy. When examining the process to consolidate democracy, there is a comparison of both political culture and democracy. The political culture allows for support of democracy through experiences from the political viewpoint. Through the practice of democracy, political culture and governance shapes the way
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