Democrats Vs Republicans Essay

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Republicans vs. Democrats When the United States of America was founded, George Washington warned against the formation of political parties. By the time the second election came around there were already two political parties, the Federalist and Democratic-Republicans. These parties eventually turned into the Republican and Democratic parties we have today. While these parties have shifted to become almost polar opposites politically, they still share some common goals. Republicans’ and Democrats’, both, main goal is to brand the United States of American into their vision of a better place, just through different plans. The first difference between the Republicans and Democrats is the type of government they want. Republicans tend to…show more content…
The GOP support Second Amendment rights, the right to bear arms, to ensure that everyone has the ability to defend themselves not only from criminals, but also from enemies trying to attack. Abortion is not viewed favorably by most Republicans and neither is stem-cell research. The Republicans are also mainly against LGBT marriage rights but not just because they do not agree with the idea, but because they believe the decision should be left to the states. The Democrats are the complete opposite. Democrats try to limit the Second Amendment as much as possible. They believe that taking away guns will prevent gun violence in America. Democrats support abortion and the women’s right to choose whether or not to keep their baby. The LGBT receives strong support from the Democrats and Democrats lobby for their rights by passing federal laws. Social issues is probably the topic the two parties disagree on the most, but they do agree occasionally. Republican and Democrats are both strong supporters of voters’ rights. They both agree that voting is a privilege given to legal American citizens that most countries do not have and believe that American citizens should take full advantage of it. Both parties support legal immigration. Republicans and Democrats both realize that the United States is the best country and support people coming into, but only if the immigrant does it
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