Demographic Change: The Values Of Family And Demographic Change

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Family and Demographic Change How technology advancement has impacted family values? What is Family Values? A family is interpreted as a social unit consisting of parents and the children they raise. Value is defined as worth of a thing. To combine the word together gives a definition of family values. Family values are often strengthen by our spiritual or religious beliefs and tradition. Family values is to be made of ideas that are being passed down from generation to generation. It comes down to the idea of how you want to live you family life. There are three traditional basic task in life that have defined as work, play and love. All of them are very important and it take work to balance these tasks. How does all of this technology affect our lives and, more importantly, our families? About 100 years ago families used to be well connected with each other. They showed respect and were more caring towards each other. There social skills were great at that time. In these time it was their family that matter to them that they had to be relied on each other to get through life. But nowadays that has dramatically changed because no one has got time for one and another, everyone one is caught up with their work, that they are neglecting family time. We used to have those days when dinnertime brought families together at the end of the day. Everyone having finish their work and homework. Parents and children take

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