Online Consumer Behavior And Psychographic Research

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Dr. Sunanya Khurana and Ms. Baljinder Kaur (2015) in their research found that e-commerce and e-marketing are mostly influenced by demographic and psychographic factors. Online marketers now know that who are shopping online, what are their preferences, how consumers gets information and use it to buy online products. Most influential factors of online shopping are convenience, ease of use, security cost saving and time saving. Educated and younger age consumers are the most important shopper online. Marketers have to modify their online marketing strategies according to the consumers likes and dislikes.

Vidhi Baheti and Leena Ajit Kaushal (2015) in their study found that there was no significant difference between perceived cost and various demographic characteristics of consumers. But there was a difference in consumers who are aware of online shopping of grocery and not aware of it. Other factors like perceived risk, convenience, and perceived enjoyable factors and demographic
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It is observed in the study that 41% gets information by advertisements, 29% by e-mails, 17% by promotion activities and 13% gets information by others. Results shows that 32% uses internet for information, 28% for fun and entertainment, 24% for online shopping and 16% for other activities. Internet marketing saves consumers time and money. Consumers are motivated towards online shopping for discounts, cheap offers and security purposes. Study found that consumers feels convenience in online shopping when marketers offers additional facilities like e-mails, voice calls, after sales services and feedback
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