Demographic Segmentation In Marketing

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Marketing is an art to deliver messages and values added for products or services to the customer. Moreover, different messages should be delivered to different customers according to their needs. Thus, segmentation of customer in the market is requisite in order to fulfil customer needs and demand and to gain a competitive advantage over their competitor by satisfying the customer. In order to serve a particular segment of customer, identification of customer profile with its speciality characteristic is required to build a long-term relationship. The segmentation of market will lead a company to establish their brand and corporate image to the customer after targeting and positioning according to the specific portion of market. Market segment…show more content…
According to Armstrong and Kotler (as cited in Nynne Larsen 2010), demographic segmentation separate customers into various segments according to demographic values such as age, gender, family size, family size cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, social class and nationality. Gunter and Furnham (1992) stated that every single of the variable are functional in the market segments. In the market segmentation, demographic segmentation frequently used due to the variables was easy to discover and compute. Demographic variables are related with many sales of numerous products and service and then they supply an illustration of the target purchaser so media buyers and others can target a desired yield for target market. Age, gender and income frequently use among the demographic values. According to Armstrong and Kotler (as cited in Nynne Larsen 2010), changes of age determine the buyers needs and wants. There are companies use age and life-cycle segmentation to determine the marketing approach. Kotler and Keller (2009) stated that male and female have different view towards a product and gender segmentation is used to differentiate their needs and wants. Income segmentation separates the market according to their income and it is used in automobiles, clothing, cosmetics, financial services, travel and…show more content…
It is known as the strategy where a company serves their customer that located in particular area and proceed with their preference of product that they request. Based on segments of customers, geographic segmentation divided into certain variables, such as region, urban or rural, city size, country size, state size, market density, climate, and terrain. According to Larsen (as cited in Pickton & Broderick, 2005), if the population shift occur, a company should be aware of the data according to geographic segmentation for certain area that been target. Geographic segmentation also can categories into the several units of geography such as like location, languages used, and weather. For example, Malaysia and Singapore have different markets, different values, attitude and lifestyle. The purchasing behavior occur among the customers which cause by the influenced of their live and work (Larsen as cited in Gunter & Furnham, 1992). Larsen s' study (as cited in Armstrong & Kotler, 2005) stated that the geographical variables are fit by the products, advertising, promotion, and sales which been modified by the companies. There are companies that produce several of products to particular markets by using geographic segmentation. For example, brand like Gillette, Clear and Colgate using different marketing strategy for different cultures in certain country like India, China and Japan. Fast Moving
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