Demographic Transition Model Essay

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A demographic Transition Model consists of birth rate and death rate, which is two demographic characteristics on historical population trends. Demographic transition models have 4 stages and possibly a stage 5 on occasion. Stage 1 is the High Fluctuating stage, Stage 2 is the Early Expanding, Stage 3 is the Late Expanding and Stage 4 is the Low Fluctuating, and the last stage that is only occasionally used is the Stage 5 the Declining stage. Birth and death rates vary due to the developed and developing countries. Developed countries have security goals by which helps with providing safer and better living conditions while the developing countries are in processes with programs to help with the conditions in their country. There are programs…show more content…
This allows us to have a relationship between birth and death rates within a country. This, also, helps with explaining when there are changes within a population demographics. (Grover,2017) “There currently are no countries in stage 1, nor are there any countries in stage 5, but the potential is there for movement in the future.” With the demographic transition model it is unable to reveal things like migration or how long a country will be in any particular stage. There are 4 phases of demographic transition. Stage 1 is the High Fluctuating stage. With, this stage both the birth and death rates are high. The population growth is slow and fluctuates in this stage. Stage 2 is the earliest expanding. With this stage the birth rate remains high and the death rate is falling. The population does begin to rise steadily. Stage 3 the late expanding. The birth rates start to fall and the death rate continues to fall. Population is rising in this stage. Stage 4 the low fluctuating is where the birth and death rate are both low. Population is steady. Stage 5 is where a country would have fertility rates that have fallen significantly below replacement levels and the elderly population would be greater than the youthful

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