Demographics In America

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Demographics in the United States have been undergoing very rapid changes over the last decades. Recent political turmoil in Asia, Africa and Latin America have encouraged people from those areas to immigrate into the United States, and years before that, it was mostly Southern and Eastern Europeans along with European Jews and Irish people who immigrated due to the political conflicts in their respective countries. With such a complex population make-up, a turbulent history of tension and conflict amongst the country’s diverse ethnic, religious, and socio economic groups can be expected. Not only is conflict over social justice issues an extensive part of American history, ever since the foundation of the United States there has been conflict over who, exactly, is to be considered an American.…show more content…
This debate has continued to this day, and it has even intensified as republican candidates of the 2016 presidential elections have stated plans of taking away the right of citizenship to children born in America to undocumented parents. Today, there are many ways in which people define American identity and in which they answer the question of who is really entitled to it. Out of all the existing definitions people have developed to answer the question of who is a real American, the one that is the most logical states that anyone who self identifies as an American and who lives up to true American ideals can be, in fact, considered as a true
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