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Demon Freaks is a YA horror comedy novel written by J.R.R.R. (Jim) Hardison. School band members Ron, his twin Bing and drummer Meat are rehearsing in the latter's cabin when lightning strikes and envelops them in darkness. Their teacher Brom, who seems to be possessed by bad spirits tries to kill them with an odd-looking knife. Their possession of the it starts the series of extraordinary situations: from black-hooded creatures to a car chase to free Meat from a trance induced by a spirit-controlled dagger called Groomgerock. The revelations of their captured teacher give the twin in getting a picture of what they really are up against. Choosing to trust their history teacher, albeit with much reluctance and trepidation, they plan to recover…show more content…
I kept on swinging back and forth in giving my final verdict to this book. There were several moments of wanting to give it 3 stars, then thinking of the book's flaws, I would settle for 2, then back again. Finally, I believed such state of indecisiveness meant that the book does not deserve a 3. I did not give 3 stars because I felt the story was not unique and the plot was weak. Yes, there were exciting moments: notably of which was the twins' fight with the crawlways' Teethers. Then the rest were the usual scenes you have already read in countless novels and seen in movies and the only difference was the set of characters. Even the characters were the usual stereotypes, except that of the magical dagger which I think was the novel's saving grace. The author used a safe formula and I can see this novel good enough to be translated into a TV movie. The book's description was horror comedy; however, it did not live up to the label because it was not scary at all, and there were only a few laughs. I would say it was more of an adventure novel. There were also parts which I believe would not be suitable for young adults. You must read the book to know why, lest I'll be charged with giving spoilers. The last chapter was stretched too far or was long drawn-out that the book lost the suspense it tried to achieve. I was holding my breath not because of its suspense but a test of patience already. The author includes some terms such a Sigil of Making and
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