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Demonstration Analysis I recently did my demonstration speech on how to make a lava lamp. In my opinion the speech went very well. The specific purpose of my presentation was for my classmates to be able to make their own lava lamp to help them take care of kids they have to babysit. I believe I did a very good job at explaining the procedure of making a lava lamp step by step. I am confident that after my presentation was over everyone in the class would be able to make their own lava lamp. Firstly, my introduction went very well. I believe I was able to draw them in by relating to them while also gaining credibility. To start off, I tried to relate the project to them. I figured most college-aged students have had a tough time babysitting a kid at some point in their life. For that reason, I decided to say the lava lamp could be used to help kids. Also, I was able to gain credibility during my introduction. I stated that I had been helping my mom for years with it while also doing it when I…show more content…
I kept the process into three simple steps, gathering supplies, mixing liquids, and adding the activator. Despite the ease of the project, I also went into detail. I made sure to teach them every tip I knew, like not using a full tablet and using dark food coloring. To help keep the process streamlined I was able to use my visual aid to help. I used my visual aid to show the class what the bottle should look like each step of the way. I also used my visual aid to help me with speaking points. If I was ever stuck I could always look back to regain my train of thought, these worked similar to notecards. My delivery had its highlights and its lowlights. My volume was good and I kept eye contact for a majority of the speech, only slipping up as a transitioned between notecards. However, I could hear my voice shake throughout the project as well. That made the speech seem a little less
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