Demonstration Speech: Troubled Skin

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Darya Bobb
Demonstration speech essay As a teenager I had a very tough time finding products that would work for my troubled skin. My face was covered with scars, blemishes, discoloration, and patches of dry flakey skin. The many store bought products I experimented with only made my already irritated skin worse. Upon my research to find a solution to clear my skin I discovered that many of the ingredients found in popular exfoliators on the market were not healthy for your skin. The sulfates and chemicals found in exfoliators in the drugstore cause your skin to become extremely dry and prone to more breakouts. This is due to the fact that your skin is modified into thinking that it needs to produce an excessive amount of oil to compensate for the moisture lost every time the exfoliator is used. Today I will be demonstrating on how to make a homemade exfoliator.
The first step is gathering
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Coconut oil contains vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for skin growth and keeping your skin smooth. It also speeds up the process of cell regeneration to fade scars away quickly. Brown sugar scrubs away dead skin cells. Brown sugar also contains glycolic acid, which helps fight bacteria. Baking soda helps to dry the toxins out of the skin. Baking soda also helps to brighten dark spots. Lastly, raw honey contains antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that nourish, purify, and hydrate your skin. In conclusion, after one use of using this homemade exfoliator your skin should feel much softer than it did before. To get effective results you should continue to use the exfoliator once a week. Once you feel comfortable with your skin you can start using the exfoliator less frequently; twice a month should be sufficient. Applying homemade exfoliators to your face are more cost efficient than purchasing store bought

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