Communication: The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication

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Communication (Introduction) “The most important thing about communication is hearing what isn’t said.” (Peter Drucker, 2001) This quote from Peter Drucker, sums up the importance of nonverbal communication. Communication is the exchanging of information between people, which can be performed verbally, nonverbally, and written. Verbal and written communication use words to pass along information, which is important to communicating. Nonverbal communication delivers messages to others that are heard, without being said. Body language, gestures, eye contact, and body positions are all forms of nonverbal communication that all play significant roles in communication. Forms of Demonstrative Communication (Demonstrative Communication) Verbal…show more content…
This quote hits the nail on the head because it refers to the importance of the meaning of nonverbal communication. When smiling, making eye contact, and nodding your head, you are ensuring the sender that you are engaged and understanding. If you were to not make any movements, with a blank look on your face, staring off in space, the sender would feel as though you are not paying attention and have no understanding of what is being said. Nonverbal forms of communication are both effective and ineffective for the sender and receiver, so being aware of the meaning of positive and negative nonverbal communication is important. Nonverbal communication is effective because it can make sense of things. Through body language, facial expressions, eye contact, and body positioning, you can expresses emotion, convey attitude, present personality, and accompany verbal communication without saying one word. It is important to be aware of the meaning that one’s body language is expressing because it can be heard the wrong way and be completely ineffective in communication. Let’s say John goes to work angry, and he has to be pleasant with customers, so he says the usual spiel, “Hello welcome, how are you today?”, but his arms are crossed and he isn’t smiling. It becomes very obvious he is upset. His actions can also make the receivers, in this case the customers, feel uncomfortable. Negative nonverbal communication can completely ruin any…show more content…
Verbal, nonverbal, and written are all forms of communication. Demonstrative communication, which focuses more on nonverbal communication, plays an important role in how messages are perceived and understood. Body language, facial expressions, eye contact, and body positions are ways to communicate nonverbally. Senders and receivers can interpret and understand messages in greater detail when listening to demonstrative communication. Emotions, attitudes, and personalities can also be conveyed through communication by messages that aren’t even spoken verbally. It is important to be aware of demonstrative communication jut as much as verbal because both can either complement each other or express two different things in which both effect how a receiver will respond. By listening and you can show engagement and understanding, as well as understand more about where the sender is coming from, which guides the receiver to respond in a more appropriate
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