Denali National Park Research Paper

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Denali National Park has about 500,000 visitors a year. Denali is a great place for people looking for adventure. It attracts many climbers, athletes, hikers, and dog mushers. The park was established in 1917 and the Wilderness Act of 1964 made the animals inside the park protected. Denali National Park has a variety of wildlife, a very unique history and many interesting tourist attractions.

Denali National Park has many thing to see. It has been a big attraction for people who would like to see unique wildlife and amazing views. This park is home to the tallest point in North America, Mount McKinley, also know as Mount Denali. The mountain sits at 20,322 feet tall. It brings many climbers, cross country skiers, athletes and mushers to the park. Denali National Park has more than six million acres of land that is used for wildlife protection. They make sure that the animals stay safe and have a nice, healthy environment.

The idea for the park started when Charles Sheldon, who was an early conservationist,
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It holds two of the oldest known archaeology sites in North America: Teklanika West and the Bull Bill River II. It has very few trails going throughout the many acres of land. Hikers travel on foot through the rough terrain and really enjoy it. It is the only park that uses dog sledding to travel and has a working kennel. The dogs travel throughout the park since there are no motorized vehicles allowed in most of the park. Over all, Denali National Park has a interesting history and a interest to many.

There are many things to do at Denali. The views are beautiful and there are many animals to see. There are many different tour guides and buses to shuttle people around and bring them to places. Many people hike around some parts of the park to explore and see wildlife. The park provides many opportunities for people who enjoy the outdoors. They offer tour buses, hiking trips, and dog sledding
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