Beowulf: The Anglo-Saxon Hero

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In the book Beowulf, the author drew a picture of Beowulf who was the hero that met the Anglo-Saxon standard. He is brave, honorable and brilliant. To contrast, Grendel was “mankind enemy” that in Anglo-Saxon culture, represented monster. According to modern society’s standard, there are also heroes and monsters. Deng Jiaxian is hero for modern society in that he is patriotic and selfless. In contrast with Deng, Kim Jong-un is a monster because of his selfishness, violence as well as amoral behavior. Deng was born in China in 1924. In that time, China was invaded by eight countries and had no independence at all. Deng was the first group of Chinese student who went to the United States to study. He was an all A student and had high talent…show more content…
This was a huge achievement for a Chinese student at that time since there was no one complete this before. Furthermore, he was especially good at atomic and nuclear bomb field. Therefore, the American government wanted him to stay in America and work for the development of better nuclear bomb. To convince him to stay, the government offered him a big house and a great amount of money. However, Deng had no any interest working for the U.S. government. He gave up all the things that U.S. government offered and decided to go back to China. It was significant that the time Deng decided to go back to China was the time Chinese civil war just ended. China was one of the poorest country in the world. When Deng had a choice between a rich life and his nation, he chose the latter one. As soon as he came back China, he was immersed on the development of nuclear bomb for China. During his study for 13 years, he became anonymous. His work was an extremely secret mission that even his wife did not know what he was working on. Deng had no time to spend with his family at all; his children had childhood almost without dad. But Deng did not regret for his decision because he believed all his sacrifice was deserved for making China a
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