China One Child Policy

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Imagine being torn from your home at night, imagine having to pay extra fees for your child just for medical care or education. Imagine being forced or pressured by government officials, co-workers, friends, even family to give away the life of your child just because you have already had one. The one child policy changed the progression of china making a gender imbalance and affecting women in a negative emotional and physical way by forcing them to have abortions and stillbirths. The policy came to be because of how over crowded china was in the mid nineteen hundreds. At the end of the 1950’s in china the population had begun to grow rapidly, but due to a famine in the next couple years the Chinese government ignored it.…show more content…
These family planning officials would receive rewards if everyone in their community or neighborhood followed the rule. However due to the rule in place the officials and government would use a variety of ways to prevent a second child of a family being born. In 2013, Yue Zhang a 28-year old women would had a serious boyfriend that was recently separated from was feeling nauseous and uncomfortable at work one day. After a visit to a local doctor Zhang learns she is pregnant. Due to the Family planning policy of how “unmarried women aren’t allowed to have children”(3) Zhang felt nervous that they may pressure him into terminating the baby or not willing to give her child “Hukou”(3). Hukou is a form of household registration used by the Chinese government, a child without hukou would not be able to receive and education or receive proper medical care. She hid her pregnancy for as long as she could, after about five months the family planning committee in her area discovered she was pregnant, a neighborhood official came to her house and left her a decision, “continue on with her pregnancy an pay a social maintenance fee or have a abortion” (3). She decided to keep going, but as the fee was “60,000 USD”(3) she was set back. Then on night six officials forced into…show more content…
The men in china have always outweighed the women, but when the policy came into place it increased. What happen was if a married couple and was going to have a child they could learn the gender and then have an girl have an illegal abortion. And that 's why more men are in china than women, “by the year 2020 there are expected 30 million more men to women”(4). On the other hand, this as it’s benefit for women they can have a higher chance of job and better education because they 're fewer of them. While men in china will struggle to find wives in the coming years, some of the Chinese government will say they believe the one child policy worked because there are less women to give

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