Deng Xiaoping's One-Child Policy

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The One-Child Policy In the article, the author talks about the one child policy that was created by Deng Xiaoping, in 1979, as an effort to control the ever growing chinese population. This policy is meant to limit each family to a single child; it has proven itself successful by showing the reader that the percentage has dropped from 2% to 1.5% in the past thirty years. There are certain exceptions in place such as if both members of the family unit are both single children of their families they may be permitted to conceive a second child. Another exception that the chinese government permits is that couples in rural areas may be allowed a second child if the first is a girl; the ratio of boys to girls for second children is 152 to 100, thus making an increased intense pressure and craving to have a male child, and the use of technology to abort the female fetuses, especially if the female is the second child.
Unmarried women are not permitted to have children under this law many are given the choice to
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It completely disgusts me that people would rather choose to end a innocent life which just so happens to be their fault for bringing into this world, rather than accepting the consequences for their actions. It is also very wrong to persecute someone for conceiving a child solely based on their marital status, for example, if a woman was sexually assaulted in China, and becomes pregnant, this said woman is shunned by her entire family line and is then forced to kill or give away the child. As said before, most women would rather choose to end the fetus 's life than to save them from any more embarrassment and to try to save their reputation. Upon reading this my emotions were offset because it is just utterly upsetting to learn that some people care more about their reputation than the life of their
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