Denial In John Hinton's First Stage Of Grief

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“People keep telling me life goes on, but, to me that’s the saddest part.” I think this person is trying to say they would rather be with the person they lost. It 's kinda like when someone is forced to keep going in they’re sorrow that they wanted to do more before they lost that person a deepening feeling that never stops and never goes away, where there 's always a moment of triumph but its short lived because they tell themselves they can’t move on, so little jimmy sits there in his bed feeling like a sinking pillow that has a permanent indent that he can 't get rid of so he’s forced to deal with it little jimmy feels like he’s forced through life and he just has to “live with it”, and learn to live with it. Imagine living like that do…show more content…
Grief is one of the hardest things to go through in life and if he wants to get through it Jimmy has to take it step by step. The first stage of grief is denial. Denial is where oneself deny’s the loss of someone/something. According to the outsiders “Johnny was somewhere else--- maybe asleep in the lot, or playing the pinball machine in the bowling alley, or sitting on the back steps of the church in Windrixville. “ (Hinton 128). As one can see ponyboy is going through denial in this sentence. In this sentence one can see how ponyboy acts he doesn’t want to accept the fact that johnny died. In the stages of grief the best thing to do is accept it. Grief is very hard and it 's even harder to accept that someone like Jimmy knew and love is gone for ever and Jimmy can 't bring them back to life. They 're bodies are just peices of freezing stone in the cold underground dressed up in some suit and cased in a wood box. You can’t reach them or interact with them you have no choice but to live. Wake up and accept it…show more content…
SO hard that some people kill themselves and you can’t take it lightly. Sometimes it’s even hard to approach a depressed person because they are so insecure. It happens in the outsiders when ponyboy doesn’t want to leave his bed. Ponyboy didn’t even want to read his favorite book. According to the outsiders “"Johnny left you his copy of Gone with the Wind. Told the nurse he wanted you to have it" The$Outsiders,"S.E."Hinton 135 I looked at the paperback lying on the table. I didn 't want to finish it. I 'd never get past the part where the Southern gentlemen go riding into sure death because they are gallant.” (Hinton 135). This is hinton showing that johnny is depressed and feels like he can’t do anything not even read a book Johnny feels like he has this weight on him that will never come of so it becomes hard to do the
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