Denis Diderot: How My Passions Impact The World

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How my Passions Impact the World. “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to do great things,” as once said by Denis Diderot. My passions impact the world. Not just in what I do but in how they help and impact other people and influence the world around me. Passions don’t just have an affect you, they teach others knowledge, common sense and, they teach people responsibility. My passions are my education, Boy Scouts and, my family. These greatly affect the world because they help to create a better and more responsible generation. Not only do they create a better generation, they help sustain what the people before us have worked so hard to create. Nelson Mandela once said,” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” My education is important to me and like Nelson Mandela said, you can change the world with it. It creates a better generation by making us more knowledgeable and allowing us to work out problems in life. It gives us a sense of responsibility and allows us to open up our perspectives on the world. Going to school and…show more content…
In 2012 more than 2.7 million youth in the US alone participated in Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts of America just further proves my point about helping to creating a better generation. Kids all around the world are learning how to live without computers and are being taught self-reliance so we don’t need to rely on technology and other people alone to do things for us. In my troop, I was the youth leader, otherwise known as the Senior Patrol leader. While being senior patrol leader or being in a leadership position at all, it has taught me a lot of skills and morals for life. When I was senior patrol leader I had to guide and aid the newer scouts on the path to success and in doing so I am helping the world by creating kids that can think for themselves and understand responsibility and problem solving. It may not be in a large amount but it does
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