Denis Johnson The Road To Deox Summary

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Book review
By Diamond Williams
September 26, 2015 The Road to Detox
Denis Johnson bring us together with his amazing eleven down-and-out stories that linked us together with this disagreeable narrator- a lowlife of a mythic proportions who abuses drugs, booze, and people with his reckless indifferences on life and the world itself. Denis Johnson take us into a world of a slackers who reveals in these deceptively short stories that tells tale of a disturb narrator, so tormented and complex that we allow his bleak redemption.
“Jesus ' Son" is Denis Johnson’s fifth book of fiction, the previous four novels with the same similar preoccupations: loveless promiscuity, the abuse of narcotics and alcohol,
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The question is, of course, is how does (” Jesus son”) feel Close to God Miraculously powerful Like, a great leader, teacher or prophet, Like a theological rebel. All are possible, and all have potential connections, some more tenuous than others stories in this collection... Addiction and the Influence of the drugs play a big role in the first seven stories of the book. The Point of View Each of the of the stories is to recounted in the first person, past tense point of view - in other words, as though the narrator had the experiences he 's describing and, in a turn of phrase that seems particularly relevant to this collection, has lived to tell the tale(s).
Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son famously ends with the lines, “All those weirdos, and me getting a little better every day right in the midst of them. I had never known, never even imagined for a heartbeat, that there might be a place for people like us.” And it sounds so redemptive after all the misery and confusion that has come before, and because we are given no more access to our narrator’s future it is easy to read it in such a way—that is, after all, how we mostly expect
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As Denis Johnson goes on with the short stories they all have a similar pattern drugs and Alcohol appears in all of the Stories. In nearly every respect "Jesus ' Son" can be more accurately described as a novel than as a collection of stories. The same unnamed young drifter narrates each of the book 's eleven chapter like sections, only six and seven of which can stand as a discrete, coherent short stories; each is most fully understood in the context of earlier or subsequent sections. The narrator also makes distinctly novelistic progress as he staggers from habit to addiction -- passively participating along the way in abortions and car crashes, drug deals and murder -- and then toward the first stages of a highly

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