Denison's Model Of Organizational Culture

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2.2 Organizational Culture
Organizational culture is a system of shared meaning held by the members or the employees of the organizations that differentiate the organization from other organization. The organizational culture may be established by the culture of the employees itself or directed by the leader of the organization (Robbins & Judge, 2013).
Based on Denison’s model comparison organizational culture model is influenced by four important factors which are, involvement, consistency, adaptability and mission. This four factors will build a culture that will planted inside the employees in the organization (Ahmad S. M., 2012).
1. Involvement
An organization or a company can be categorized as a company with high involvement culture is when the company involve the employees in many event in the organization, and create a sense of belonging from the employees to organization. The employees also feel that they have a responsibility to make the company better and better (Ahmad S. M., 2012).

With this type of culture, the employees in all level in the organization will have an influence in the decision taken by the company, no matter big or small, the most important is all employees will have some input to the decisions (Denison, Janovics, Young, & Cho, 2006).

The involvement culture involved by three indices which are:
• Empowerment : The employee has the right to decide and manage their own work. This increase the sense of belongings to the company
• Team
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