Dennis Kelly's DNA Character Analysis

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Dennis Kelly 's DNA is a play that was originally published in 2008. It is about the animal-like tendencies teenagers can have when it comes to popularity. He wrote the play to show how far bullying and peer pressure can go when it comes to popularity circles. The play DNA is made up of characters that each have different personalities and different levels of popularity. We can see that there is a main group of popular people in the play. Some of the people in the group are referred to as the people in the center of the circle, which means they are popular and everyone respects them. There are also people who are on the outer side of the circle, which means they are not so popular and no one really listens to them or takes them seriously. Even though Dennis Kelly doesn 't mention who is in the inner circle or who is in the outer, we can understand the hierarchy by the characters speech. The people in the outside circle tend to constantly use repetition or short sentences. The people in the inner circle are more confident in their speech, doesn 't use repetition and they prefer to use complicated sentences when it comes to their speech. The character Phil 's first appearance on the play (Act 1, scene 2) showed that he wasn 't a caring person because of his lack of speech and the stage directions. Where In the next scene (Act 1, scene3) there is a change in his behavior. He starts to act more like someone who would be on the inner side of the popularity circle, his speech gets

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