Dennis Rader And Polymorphism Analysis

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Dennis Rader was born in 1945 in Pittsburg, Kansas. Rader didn’t start his killings until the early 70s. With someone like him it had to be something that triggered the thrust for killing. It was said that as a child, he used to hang cats upside down. Most cases when there is someone who takes the pleasure of constantly killing someone, then there’s something that maybe occurred or happened in their life for them to begin this behavior. It doesn’t go into details about his childhood or previous adult life, but there was something wrong. Since he liked the idea of hanging stray cats upside down, that’s not normal for a child to do. He also stated that he gets the pleasure when he kills people so in return when he kills them, he masturbates. This is not normal behavior for an individual. It should have been questions regarding his childhood, you always want to go into details of someone’s childhood or…show more content…
(Schade, 2010) Over the years, Rader was sending out different signals of the murders that he committed. He loved the idea of the spotlight, he loved the attention of it all. Every time he committed a crime, he tried to leave something and take something with him. Each time they could not determine who committed the murders even with the numerous of evidence that was presented. Close to one of his last crimes, he left a disk behind and they found it and that’s what lead them to him, which was at his church. They later used his daughters DNA to track his and determined his DNA matched the other murders. The arrested him and he was charged with ten counts of first degree murder and sentenced to ten life sentences in a Kansas

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