Dennis Rader: Serial Killers

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Serial killers are one of the most hair-raising and intriguing topics. Dennis Rader is a famous serial killer that was around in the 1970’s. Rader was born February 9, 1945 in Pittsburg, Kansas. Ever since his childhood, he had a few signs of being a killer. Before he was put into prison, he had murdered ten people. Dennis is the son of William and Dorothea Rader, he is the oldest son out of a total of four boys. Rader went to Riverview Elementary School and was a boy scout and was heavily involved in church groups and projects. By his own admission, he says he developed fantasies about bondage, control and torture from an early age, while still in grade school. He admits to having killed cats and dogs by hanging them as a youth. (BTK, n.d.) Rader did an excellent job at keeping that side of him private to the public as well as his family…show more content…
He became a Sergeant and was stationed at Tachikawa Air Base in Japan for a majority of the time that he served. Around this time, he began to have sexual relations with prostitutes that were near the base. He went back home to Wichita, Kansas in 1970 and married Paula Dietz shortly after his return. Dietz and Rader moved to Park City where she was a bookkeeper and he worked in the meat department at a grocery store. In 1972, he worked at a camping supplies company and thirteen months later he began working at a small aircraft manufacture. While he was working, he was also going to Butler County Community College where he acquired an Associate 's degree in Electronics. Soon after, he attended Wichita State University. Rader did not get the best grades, he was a C average to D student and it would take him more than 5 years to get his degree. When the oil embargo crisis hit, he was left unemployed and found himself miserable emotional state. He did not have a lot of jobs to do during the day and that made him ponder about how it would feel to strangle someone to
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