Dennis Rander Was A Serial Killer

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Dennis Rader the serial killer that shocked the world with killing lots of people and making America scared of a killer. Dennis Rader was Birth by his mother dorethea Rader in Kansas on March 9, 1945 and his father’s name was William Rader. As a young boy Dennis moved to Wichita Kansas to move to a better place from what he was living in. Dennis joined a youth boy scouts when he was a boy and then soon joined a church. Dennis attended Riverview elementary school where he was said to be an average student by his elementary school teachers. Dennis Rader seemed to be a young fascinating boy who would seem to grow up and boy and be a fine nice young man. (dennisraderBTK.blogspot.com) Dennis was just 10 when his parent discovered that Dennis was …show more content…

Dennis Rader arrived at home and then he enrolled at Wichita state university where he studied for many years but he did not finish his college at Wichita state university. Dennis got a job at a meat packaging place but later he was soon fired because he was showing up late for work and not doing work. Dennis then began working installing home alarm systems. Dennis Rader was married to Paula Dietz in May 1971 they had two children the boy was born in 1975 and the daughter was born in 1978. Dennis attended the Christ Lutheran church and soon became a member of the church and he was elected president of the congregation council. Dennis Rader was a Cub Scout leader for his son’s cub’s scouts where he was remembered for making secure knots while being the leader of the cub …show more content…

First was the mother of the family Dennis took her into a room and suffocated her by choking her but she wasn’t dead she woke up and he strangled her again until she was finally dead. Next was the father he fought him but then tied him up and then finally strangled him to death. The next two to go were the kids, Dennis Rader took the boy and told him that he would be with his parents soon and then put a plastic bag over his head and choked him until he stopped breathing. Finally the daughter he took her down stairs into the basement and made her put a rope around her neck and told her to get onto a chair and he hung her from a water pipe and then ejaculated on the small girl and then he photographed the killings he did and then kept the photos for his deep and dark fantasies.

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