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Density: A Characteristic Property I Purpose The purpose of this experiment is the density of six different substances. The way to figure this out is by finding the mass and volume of each of the substances. The hypothesis for the different experiments is that with each of the different substances and mixtures will be different depending on what they are. II Equipment The late nite lab was used to conduct this experiment. The product used were a balance, a graduated cylinder, water, Ethanol, and unknown liquid, Iron and an unknown metal. III Procedure There were four different small experiments to look at density. In experiment 1 a balance was taken and put to zero. Then a 50 mL graduated cylinder was put on the balance. The mass was …show more content…

Density is the ratio between the mass of an object and its volume. The equation for density is Density= mass/volume. Mass is the measure of matter that an object obtains and volume is the space that the object occupies. In these experiments, through the balance and graduated cylinder the mass and volume were measured for the different substances. As it was clear to see each of the different substances had different masses and volumes which means they had different densities. In experiments 1 and 2 they show that the water was denser than ethanol but the known liquid was denser that water. In experiment 3 the density of water and iron is shown and through experiment 4 it shows that iron is denser that the known metal. Through these different experiments they show the different densities …show more content…

For example, usually the solid form of a substance is denser that the liquid form but water is an exception. In reality, when water turns into a solid its density decreases by 9 percent. This is very critical for any sea creature for if ice was denser than water then if the body of water they were living in froze they would freeze with it. Thankfully God knew this and he made it so when the water froze the ice would float to the top creating a blanket causing the water underneath not to freeze allowing the fish to live. Another example of density is in a helium balloon. A helium balloon floats in the air because its density is less than water causing it to float in the air. Scientist could further look into density in many ways. They could try to figure out in what other substances would their solid state float in their liquid state like water. They could also do some experiments on water to try to figure out why ice is less dense than water. In these experiment, there could have been some errors with the calculation of the densities of the substances but hopefully these errors were minor and did not make a different

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