Becoming A Dental Assistant Essay

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A dental assistant is a dental health practitioner who works closely with the dentist, providing him with tools and equipment needed for dental procedures. Dental assistants support dental specialists or dentists in performing administrative and laboratory tasks, taking care of patients and preparing them for treatment. A dental assistant is not the real dental operator that performs on patients but only an assistant to the licensed dentist. However, becoming a certified dental assistant is not as easy as some people may think. You have to really work hard to achieve this. Get the prerequisites ready, get trained and sit for course exams. Pass the exams and get certified, get licensed and further your education. You can see that it is a long way pursuing…show more content…
• Chair-side Operation course: In this course you will be taught how to get the rooms and the patient ready. This is where you will learn the job as a chair-side assistant. You have to take note of medical emergencies operative routine. You learn to handle dental equipment with care. • Dental terminology course: To become a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) you must learn how to use dental terminology while under training. You also learn how to read charts, how the teeth are structured and how it functions. • Diagnosis course: Here you handle charts and anesthesia, and learn certain computer programs. You learn how to assist the dentist during diagnosis, and maintain the instruments by carefully keeping them in their appropriate positions. • Dental radiology course: In radiology course you learn how to take x-rays of patients’ teeth and how to read radiography and radiation production. The radiology process checks and identifies dental related
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