Dental Assistant Case Study

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Carmen was asking about the Allied Health Occupations Instructional Division evening meeting. As a result, Teri will send out an email to all TSCs that they will forward to each Program Adjunct Faculty. This email will provide a thank you and will serve as an invitation to the AHO Participation Celebration on Friday, June 10th at 2:00 p.m. at the Smullin Center with a link to RSVP. The email will have information fall and spring In-service day where workshops will be offered to help adjunct faculty members with institutional goals.
Next, Carmen explained that the Dental Assistant application has been reopened. There are 23 individuals that are locked in for the fall cohort.
Carmen reported
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Carmen told Kim that departments can purchase promo items from the RCC Bookstore, or order special order with Susan Health-Bayless (RWC Bookstore Specialist III-General Merchandise).
Teri and Carmen presented the sample “practicum (chart) files” that Alyson had previously completed.
This “practicum (chart) file” physically goes to the practicum site.
The following pages are signed by practicum site:
1. Practicum Curriculum & Evaluation
2. Work Ethic Objectives ¬by specific program
After the practicum site has completed the pages, then the pages are returned to RCC. The instructor will file these pages into a “course master binder.” By course number and student name alphabetically.
In the future, Teri would like to see Alyson preparing student “practicum (chart) files” for all TSCs and/or instructors. Also, important, is to place the TSC business card in the front of the file with a list of instructions to follow if someone is injured at the practicum.
The next AHO Huddle meeting will be Monday, May

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