Dental Assistant Teamwork Skills

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For some jobs you would need teamwork skills to get your tasks done in time. In my placement at Vellore Woods Density most of the time we need to use teamwork skills because we are handling with people’s teeth and need to communicate with each other on what we need such as equipment’s. Patients are sometimes hard to keep them calm when they are all worked up or simply really nervous. We would try to reassure them, and tell them things would work out well. I learned a trick from my co-workers that if you keep calm, the patients will keep calm as well. They will also distract them by having mini conversations or have a conversation with each other (dentist and assistant) when the patients is going through surgery. This makes the patient be focused on the conversation then what’s going on with the …show more content…

We help the hygienist and the dentist on the things the needed and wanted. My role there is to provide them dental trays, and equipment’s so that they won’t be behind for their next appointments with their patients. I have to use communication skills to know when they would need their equipment’s. If their equipment’s are not prepared when the patient arrives it would cause a major situation between me and the co-workers. My job is very important and I have to be cautious and be aware of my surrounding all the time. It’s a productive process. Having teamwork makes tasks done faster. The company tends to get busy. Helping each other out and being a guide for the dentist is important. There is less chance of getting mistakes in a team then alone. Everyone would observe together and find out what the situation or problem the patients or coworkers has. We will contribute our strengths as one. It is really productive when you work together. This is why I think teamwork is necessary for my co-op placement and why dental assistants are used for this job career. I learned a lot from there over the past few

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