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I was born in a small town called Berwick in the state of Louisiana. I do not remember much of my childhood anymore, but I know I was a very outgoing, active, and adventurous child. I love to be outdoors running around with my friends more than I like to be indoors watching TV. Now, I feel that I am completely opposite. If there was a sport I could play outside I begged my mother to let me sign up. Being a part of a group of girls that loved the sport as much as I did made it fun. I also enjoyed reading, and still do. I could pick up a book and not put it down for hours. I would get so into the story that going a night without finishing it would drive me insane. I guess reading was one thing that helped me calm down. I could get lost in a book for hours trying to play the story out like a movie in my head. I honestly thought when I grew up I would have a career in something to do with TV, but as I got older I realized it that was not for me.
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Becoming a dental hygienist has been my goal since day one. I started out doing the dental assisting program so that I could start working by the time I was 25, but I wanted to go back to school for dental hygiene for many reasons. One reason is, of course, the pay. After receiving a bachelors degree, your pay will go up by almost twenty dollars an hour. This also depends on the dentist and office you are working for. Another reason is my family. I hope to start a family in the next couple of years and a dental hygienist work schedule is more flexible for this. Most hygienist work two to three days a week. When you are getting paid more and hour two or three days a week equals out a 7-5 schedule. This fits me more because I want to be able to spend more time with my children and be there for many things they have going on with their

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