Dental Caries In Children Essay

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The phenomenon "the significant number of dental caries in children is a direct result of their diet", posed an interesting but enjoyable challenge for the researcher.
The objective of this study are as follows; 1. To find out if there is a relationship between children's daily diet and dental? 2. What are the daily dietary/nutritional choices of children? 3. What are the major foods that causes dental caries? 4. How a child's daily diet can be improved to prevent dental caries in children?
The method of data collection included interviews and observation. The research tookplace in 4th Street, Bare Root a small village on the East Coast Demerara. It involved a sample size of 50 individuals.
The results of the study are as follows; 1. 64% of
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These foods generally have little of any nutritional value and over time they can take a toll on teeth. 1
Eating patterns and food choices among children and teens are important factors that affect how quickly youngsters may develop tooth decay. When bacteria comes into contact with sugar in the mouth, acid is produced that attacks the teeth for twenty (20) mins. or more. 1
Fermentable carbohydrates work with bacteria to form acid that begins the decay process and eventually destroy teeth. They include the obvious sugary foods, such as cookies, cake, soft drinks and candy. But they also include less obvious foods such as bread, crackers, bananas and breakfast cereals. The acids dissolve minerals inside the tooth's enamel.This process is called demineralisation. Teeth also can regain minerals in a natural process called remineralisation. Saliva helps minerals biuld back up in the teeth (flouride foods does the same).2
Dental decay begins inside the tooth's enamel when minerals are being lost faster than they are being regained. The longer the food stays near the bacteria on the tooth, the more acids will be produced.

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