Dental Clinic Case Study

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The oral cavity of the patient is a good habitat for growth of multiple microorganisms, so transmission of infection can occur easily in the dental clinic from patients to dentists or from patients to other patients via different routes such as oral fluids, blood, and contaminated instruments.(1)(2) (17)
The pediatric dentist has to consider these multiple sources of infection and in order to prevent their transmission, he has to use a variety of barrier techniques in the dental clinic. Barrier techniques (gloves, face masks, and protective glasses) must be worn during dental treatment to assure the concerns of dentists and parents regarding cross infection.(3)
Due to increased incidences of contagious diseases such as hepatitis, swine
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(Deepak P. Bhayya 2011, Al- Moherat et al, 2008, Burke, 1993).
Using face masks is another method which is used to help protect from infections, but if they were worn for a long period of time they become contaminated, so the face mask should be changed between patients or when it becomes wet because of exhaled air. (Kohn WG, 2003. Tarulatha R Shyagali, 2012).
Study done in Jordan by ALNegrish et al., (2008) about the compliance of Jordanian dentists with regarding to the infection control conclude that (73.3%) of the dentists wear gloves in dental clinic, (69.8%) of them wear masks, while (43.8%) of the dentists wear protective glasses during dental treatment, with the result that further education about the infection control needed and more recommendations about the transmission of the disease in dental
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This means that the awareness of Jordanian parents regarding of transmission of infectious disease from patients to dentists or from patients to other patients. In comparison with the study done by Shyagali et al., on (2012) in India he found that (74%) (65%) of the study group consider that the wearing the gloves and face mask will protect both dentists and patients from infection. While another study, was agreed with the present study done by Chenoweth et al., (1990)12 he found that (77%) of patients preferred their dentist to wear a face mask during dental

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