Dental Management System Project Essay

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Chapter: 1
Title: Introduction

1.1 Problem Summary( What Exact Problem are you Trying to Solve?) and Introduction :

Problem Summary:
Now a day’s people use orthodox way of getting treatment from any dental Clinic. Which is very time consuming, because patient first of all go to the dental clinic then he take appointment and get file from receptionist. After that he have to seat over their until his turn not come for patients, visiting the dental clinic can sometimes feel like an trouble in memory to remember that, what medicines are you taking? What his family history? What is changed in when he have to go for the doctor’s Clinic? Sometimes patient also misplaced his health records. To improve this problem, we are making one android based application.
We make one android based application for dentist & patient. The process of getting treatment becomes faster and more convenient. This application will save patient time that is taken in waiting for appointment and also save
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Our application provides more convenient way for doctor to write the details of various treatments. Patient and doctor get remainder of his/her appointment whenever there is appointment Turn.

 Following are the Primary Objective of the Dental App: -Primary objectives of the application is to provide android application for managing dental clinic’s patient history detail.
-Another objective of this application is to increase the speed of processing in dental clinic.
-Increase the level of services provided in an ordinary dental clinic.
-To provide accurate and timely management information in order to increase efficiency.
-Reduces the man efforts associated with various dental treatments.
-Main objective of this application is that it saves the time.
- It supports prescription writing and emergency access to the dental information of

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