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What are Dental Crowns and How do they Promote Better Dental Health?

A dental crown is the cover, or cap, that a dentist puts over one or more damaged teeth. The damage might be the result of a crack or chip in a tooth due to a sudden fall, an accident, or a sports related injury to the mouth. Sometimes, a person has a large cavity where the filling might need the protection of a crown to prevent further damage to the tooth. And sometimes, crowns are the ideal way to cover seriously stained teeth that cannot be whitened or to even out misaligned front teeth.

When someone gets dental implants to replace missing teeth, the porcelain cover over the implant is a dental crown. Dental crowns restore a person’s ability to eat, chew, speaking,
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The adhesive used to attach the crown is also durable and will hold the crown in place over the damaged teeth. Like natural teeth, dental crowns require the same amount of daily at home brushing, flossing, and rinsing. With good home care and regularly scheduled dental cleanings and examinations, dental crowns will last for many years. Also, like natural teeth, if the crowns are not cared for, they can come loose, crack, or chip and will need to be replaced. If a crown is damaged, it is important to have the dentist repair it as soon as possible to prevent any accumulation of bacteria or other damage to the tooth, gums, and jaw bone under the crown.

A damaged or misaligned tooth will never fix itself, but a dental crown can resolve your dental problem. There is no reason to live with pain when a few visits to the dentist can give you back the look, feel, shape, and functionality that you have with your healthy teeth. One major advantage to having crowns placed over damaged teeth is that they can prevent the spread of additional damage to adjoining teeth.

A person’s mouth is often the gateway to the medical health throughout a person’s body. Dental crowns are one way to ensure that a person dental wellness remains as healthy as possible and does not contribute to ailments anywhere else in the head and

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