Dental Erosion Research Paper

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Dental Erosion
The nature of acids and sugars has both acidogenic and cariogenic properties, which results in enamel loss, tooth sensitivity, loss of vertical dimension and dental caries. The review shows the relationship between dental erosion and caries in children and adults.


Erosion is condition where there is loss of enamel and dentin triggered by the action of acids with out the involvement of bacteria. The etiology could be intrinsic (gastric acids) or extrinsic (dietary) and the effect is directly related to the consumption for example how many times a day soft drinks were consumed or how many times a day regurgitation of food took place, the greater the number
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indicated in a systemic review that prevalence of dentinal wear varied from 0 to 82% for deciduous teeth, while in permanent dentition was from 0 to 54%. And according to his study the wear in deciduous tooth increases with increasing age. However in another study by Nahás Pires Corrêa et al. (2011), he linked high prevalence of erosion with frequent consumption of soft drinks containing acids and sugars, fruits and sweets intake by children and adults.
The aim of the review is to diagnose the dental erosion, study about the risk factors involved and treatments available.
As we have already discussed what dental erosion is and how it affects the dental tissue and we know that it is a multifactorial disease where Acid (both intrinsic and extrinsic) plays an important role and is highly influenced by personal lifestyle and habits. It is also important to mention here that a certain pH a critical one has to reach for erosion to take
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• Sensitivity and change in a yellowish color of the teeth

The strategies to prevent and manage dental erosion are:
1. Patients should be encouraged to avoid sweet and acidic foods,
2. Frequent rinsing or gargling after eating or drinking some thing rich in acid of sugars,
3. Advise patients to use a soft bristled toothbrush to avoid abrasion and busing should be avoided immediately after consuming foods rich in acid.
4. Using toothpastes and mouth washes with fluoride and fluoride gels and varnishes also help in prevention and management,
5. Dentinal bonging agents can be used to avoid further damage in advanced cases of dental erosion,
6. For patients with regurgitation disorders the underlying cause should be treated.

The early the recognition of dental erosion the better it is hence regular dental checks ups to avoid a more aggressive advanced stage.
In advanced cases with sever loss of enamel or dentine a crown, veneer, filling material or bonding agent can be used to restored loss tooth structure, to prevent further damage and tooth

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