Dental Evidence Collection Investigation

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I have recently inquired information about a specific investigation that went on a few months back. The investigation had informed the intelligent investigators that there had been a death at a particular house. Now this death was very unusual, because the man that had been found dead was under a truck crushed by the vehicle engine. The unusual thing about it was that the man had worked with this specific type of vehicle for quite a long time. When the investigators got to the home of the man they found him underneath the truck and the garage was on fire. When all were taken care of the officers arrived, they lifted the truck off of the burned remains of the man, they proceeded to take pictures of the cinerary and make sure that everything that was…show more content…
Once on the table, the professionals got to work, going through the Identification process. The professionals first examined the dental records of the man and then tried to match them with the ones on the table. Now, what they are doing is looking at the records and the teeth and trying to match them as closely as they possibly can. That's when the investigators knew that the man that was lying on their operating table wasn't the man that they were told it was supposed to be. That's when they knew that they had to go deeper into this autopsy. What was used next was called Examples of Individual Character. Matching fingerprints weren't going to be an option because the fingertips were so badly burned. Step two was doing a deoxyribonucleic acid test to the flesh, teeth, and hairs, which were all burned in the fire. That's when one of the investigators noticed that the man on the operating table was much shorter than who they thought it was. They then took measurements of the body, across the chest, shoulder length, arm length, leg length, upper body, lower body,

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