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Title: 6 Oral Hygiene Myths Every Dentist Needs to Share with Patients

Alternative Titles:

Six Dental Myths Totally Debunked by Research
6 Dental Myths Debunked: Research Proves Otherwise
6 Dental Myths Debunked: #5 Will Really Shock You

As dental professionals, we love your teeth.


Sometimes we even love your teeth more than you do! Which is why we are greatly concerned with the widespread disinformation leading many people into poor oral hygiene practices. Every single day, people come to my dental office with misconceptions such as:

“Fluoride is bad for my health.”

“I need my wisdom teeth out because everyone does”

“I always use alcohol-based mouthwash because it’s most effective”

Everything you read on the internet,
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Plaque is the enemy. Plaque is the sticky substance left behind on your teeth even after food debris is long gone. It’s responsible for creating dental caries and gum disease, therefore - it has to go. If you only plan on brushing to remove food particles hanging out after eating - you’re missing the point because plaque is microscopic and you may not even know it’s there.

Bad breath is a sign of poor dental hygiene

No one likes bad breath - especially people that deal with chronic bad breath.The condition can decrease self-esteem and the misconception is that it’s related to poor dental hygiene. Even someone that brushes twice a day and flosses can suffer the condition because it caused by an abnormality in your dental flora. Halitosis (bad breath) can be caused by periodontal disease, diabetes, hepatitis, or even liver diseases. Your dentist can help you treat this embarrassing problem.

Alcohol - based mouthwash is most effective

Just because you feel it tingling, doesn’t mean it’s working. In fact, it might be causing more harm than good. Chlorhexidine is an effective treatment your dentist can prescribe to be used up to six months. Those that suffer from bad breath or dry mouth especially need to steer clear of the alcohol-based
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