Dental Hygienist And Social Life

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of whether or not a dental hygienist’s personal and social life should reflect on the profession itself. Some argue that once the work day ends, a dental hygienist no longer represents the dental hygiene profession. They do not feel that the actions of the healthcare professional outside of the workplace should represent the profession whatsoever. Others raise the argument that the actions of a dental hygienist away from work, should be reflective of their profession. They feel that when a hygienist leaves the dental clinic, they are still representing the healthcare professional community and that their actions outside of the workplace should always have an impact on the profession.…show more content…
One aspect of a dental hygienist’s social life that could be brought into question when discussing this topic is social drinking. There have been situations where an employee was terminated as a result of their actions. These actions had occurred while they were intoxicated during after work hours. Some employers feel as though the way an employee behaves out of the workplace reflects onto their profession. One may argue that after work hours are for the individual to de-stress, and engage in social activities which often include going out for drinks with friends. They support a dental hygienist being able to engage in social drinking without having to worry how they 're acting or the amount they 're drinking. These individuals support the idea that the way an individual chooses to de-stress after work or on days off, should not reflect on their profession because it takes place away from the dental clinic and during hours that they are not on shift. Others would argue that the way an individual act’s out of the office can give a bad reputation to the profession if the individual is seen acting irresponsibly. This is related to the social drinking habits as many people view getting intoxicated as being irresponsible and unprofessional. Some individuals feel as though a dental hygienist is a hygienist inside and outside of the office. They would argue that hygienists’ who…show more content…
This is also a very debatable topic among many individuals today as social media has grown to be such a significant influence on our lives. This topic is controversial because many believe that you should be free to express whatever you choose to on social media without it affecting your profession. This could also relate to social drinking and could also include adding clients on social media. Many individuals today post photos and videos of them enjoying a night of drinking with friends. They view social media as a freedom of speech and so do not believe it should affect their profession. These individuals feel that having clients on their social media is not an issue. Others strongly believe that what you post directly reflects onto your profession and so you should be keeping your social media either very private or posting only professional and appropriate content. Those who feel this way often believe that posting photos that involve drinking makes the dental hygiene profession look poorly. It would come across as unprofessional and send the message to current as well as prospective patients they may have on their social media, that those who are working at that clinic are irresponsible. My opinion closely relates to the latter as a I believe that if I saw my hygienist posting something inappropriate on social media, I would change my opinion on the whole

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