Dental Hygienist Career

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Career Paths for Registered Dental Hygienist | Arcadia Englehart

After completing a difficult two year program to become a registered dental hygienist there are many ways to put your license to use. Although working in a private dental office continues to be the primary place of employment there are many other areas to explore. For today’s dental hygiene professional, there are many other career pathways to explore as well. More than ever and before has there been more opportunities for professional growth in this industry. How and where you work today is all up to you and how you want to work. Here are some areas you can work and what the requirements.
A clinician, in the different areas, that you can utilize your skills is the most go
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“Corporate dental hygienists are employed by companies that support the oral health industry through the sale of products and services. Leaders throughout the dental industry often employ dental hygienists due to their clinical experience and understanding of dental practice.” Examples of corporate positions include: Sales representatives, product researchers, corporate educators, and corporate administrators. You would need at least three years of experience in the field to become a sales rep due to all the questions needed to be answered on the spot when presenting. Knowledge of all the products takes years to learn and be able to converse confidently about. You would more than an average hygienist. It would depend on what company you work for and the experience you have behind…show more content…
Either with nursing homes or independent care, when you travel to patients homes to clean their teeth. I went to a nursing home with dementia patients to shadow a hygienist and it was very interesting. Another type of traveling hygienist is traveling out of the country. The country chosen to practice hygiene would have to speak a language you know and can understand. Some employers will pay for your travels and housing due to certain programs. 3 years of experience is required before traveling to another country. Of course, finding out the right information on which test is acceptable is
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