Dental Hygienist Careers

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My top four priorities for work are stability/ reliability, balance, money, and passionate. I would need a stable/ reliable job so I wouldn’t have to worried about losing my job. A deal breaker would be a lack of financial stability because I need to be able to pay my bills and then still have money left over to leisurely spend or for emergencies. Some of the character strengths that I felt accurately described me are gratitude, humor, and curiosity. Humor describes me the most because I like joking around and making others around me laugh.
The first career I researched was dental hygienist. A dental hygienist is someone who cleans patient’s mouth, checks for and educates patients about mouth diseases, and take x-rays of the mouth. I chose to research this career because over the past year or so I became curious about this career. In my research I found many dental hygienist work at least two jobs because dentists hire them to work part time. Although this is the case I have hope I will be among the lucky ones that are hired to work full time. As of 2012, the annual salary of a dental hygienist is $70,210 which seems like a good amount to me. Some good things I think this job offers is being able to have a balanced schedule, benefits, and vacations. Something
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A medical scientist is someone who studies diseases, viruses, bacteria, and find cures for illnesses. They also conduct experiments and create vaccines and medications. I chose to research this career because the description intrigued me and I like that it involves science. One of my strengths that I believe would be good for this career is teamwork. Obviously, during experiments or working on medications I’ll need to be able to communicate well with the other medical scientist working on the projects with me. A con about this career is that it is extremely time consuming and I’ll have to be working full time which won’t work out for when I have
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