My Experience As A Dental Hygienist

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Dental Hygienist usually work in a dentist office. They often see the patients before the dentist to get them all ready for their check up. The majority of people visit the hygienist on their 6 month check up, whether they know it or not. The hygienist is the one who takes your x-rays observes the inside of your mouth, and cleans them with ultrasonic tools. Not only will they brush and floss your teeth, but they will also make sure you do not have any oral infections or diseases. Your hygienist may also be able to help advise you with selecting hygiene products, such as selecting a toothbrush, oral devices, and even techniques that pertain to your health. At the end of your visit she may or may not also apply a fluoride or sealance to your…show more content…
Since she was constantly in a dental office environment, she became curious. My interest also sparked when I got braces, her response was completely relatable. After she graduated high school she followed the path to a dental assistant program, which is not mandatory for dental hygiene, but after gaining experience in an office she finally when to Hygiene school. My mentor advised me to pay attention in Anatomy and Physiology and to study hard. She also stated that the entry level pay is usually around thirty dollars per hour. Personally, she makes about eighty dollars per hour with commission, but she holds a full time position for only one…show more content…
Some people love the dentist and other are terrified or embarrassed. Everyone has a story of why it took so long, whether it was the fear, lack of money, or ashamed of their hygiene. So, it’s important to have compassion and connect with them to make them as comfortable as possible.” One thing I did not know about this field was how much patient interaction was actually involved. Before this project I was on the border of pursuing this career. After completing research and getting many answers from a mentor that I personally know and trust; I definitely want to continue on the path to become a dental hygienist. There are many institutions such as, colleges, technical schools, or even hygiene programs you can attend to become a dental hygienist. Obtaining a dental hygiene certification does not take long to complete. You will need to complete 2-3 year program to obtain your associates in dental hygiene. Many people that chose to go to a university for a hygiene program are typically trying to reach a higher level in dentistry such as a dentist
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