Dental Hygienist Personal Statement Examples

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My ambition to study Dental Hygiene and Therapy at University commenced in my teenage years, when I first came to London and visited the dentist. The professional approach coupled with a kind and compassionate nature and all of the different instruments and scientific technology the Dental Hygienist and Therapist used fascinated me. I am currently studying Dental Nursing at Teesside University. This course involves providing correct support to the dentist at the chair side, reassuring and supporting patients, maintaining a gold standard clinical environment, charting, dental anatomy and physiology. Studying this course has enhanced my knowledge of dental terminology and procedures as well as the anatomy of the oral cavity. During my placement I worked alongside the dental hygienist, this gave me insight on the daily role of a dental hygienist and therapist. Before dental nursing I studied BTEC Applied Science Level 3. The course involved extensive study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.…show more content…
In Eritrea typically oral hygiene is very poor, this is often due to the lack of Oral Health Education and inadequacy of professionals to educate the public. Throughout my work experience in Eritrea I saw many patients with poor oral hygiene resulting in periodontal disease and ultimately leading to loss of teeth. This placement inspired me and increased my determination to take this career path, as each time I witnessed patients with such problems I was left feeling very sympathetic and compassionate toward them. When I saw them being treated and relieved from their pain, I was left feeling pleased as I felt this was a great accomplishment this has led me to one day hope to open my own practice in Eritrea. This will allow me to make a change by educating the people on how to maintain good oral hygiene and provide suitable
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