Dental Hygienist Personal Statement

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When I first came to University of Bridgeport, I first heard about their dental hygiene program from my advisor, who had positive feedback to say about the program. Yet, he told me how competitive it was, because he wanted to make sure this was going to be the right path for me to pursue and that I could handle the pressure. My grades were not the question matter in this case. I set a pretty good standard for myself to follow to keep my place in the deal list, while aiming to advance myself in the presidential list. The most important thing for me was to make up my mind on what I see myself doing in the future, besides the need for nitpicking career jobs that are saved and guaranteed a satisfying salary. What influenced me to be part of the …show more content…

Then, that was when I became curious and interested in the dental field. When I was applying for colleges, I kept in mind that I wanted to become a dentist. And, even since I came to the United States and visited the dentist the experience kept me interested. In my second semester I took my first introduction to dental hygiene, I have learned a clearer understanding of what a dental hygienist does and the key difference between a dentist. And also last month I had the opportunity to shadow a second year student working her patient Barbra. I loved her entire attitude and interaction with her patient. Barbra herself told me she preferred coming to the clinic instead of going to her dentist. It was mainly based on a making the patient feel comfortable with forming a professional relationship that encourage a welcoming place for a patient like Barbra, who needed a deep cleaning according to her dentist. I am planning on doing more shadowing and observing. I love working closely with people and if I could do just that and further my knowledge in the process, this would already mark a bright future for me in this

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