Dental Hygienist Response Letter

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I am writing this letter to request an increase in my hourly rate. I am requesting a $3.00 raise. I am the current Dental hygienist at Rotterdam Dental Associates and Hudson Valley Plaza Dental. I have been employed at Rotterdam Dental Associates for a year and five months. I took over for the hygienist at Hudson Valley Plaza Dental in November, 2014. During this time at the company I have not ask for a raise until now because I wanted to show the company the current efforts I am making to improve my skill level. I would describe myself as motivated, hardworking, and a team player. I feel that with my time at this company these attributes have been made apparent. In August 2014 I took a class on local anesthesia and nitrous oxide at the University of Farmingdale. I took it upon myself to take this course due to the high volume of patients seen at our practice, so that I could treat SRP patients fully without having to interrupt the doctor during treatment. I also relearned how to perform sealants with the help of Dr. Service and was able to perform…show more content…
With this pay increase, it will help with the ever rising cost of living, and with increasing my knowledge of hygiene by allowing me to afford to attended continuing education conventions. Such as the Yankee dental convention, where I will the opportunity to learn about SRP and insurance. My motivation for wanting to learn more about SRP, is because the population of patients we have at our company have a lack of periodontist in the area within their netowork. If I can gain knowledge on arestin and how to encourage patients to be compliant with three month recalls, we can bring in more revenue and ultimately better the lives of our patients. I would also like to start working on ways to properly education parents on the need for sealant, on all molars and not just the teeth covered by
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