Dental Hygienist Essay

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Having to brush your teeth every day may be such a chore, so why not go and see your dental hygienist? The role of a dental hygienist is to clean your teeth and help keep proper oral health. A hygienist is the male or female you usually see every six months to get a teeth cleaning and x-rays. It is very important to see your dental hygienist every six months because they help keep you healthy. Becoming a dental hygienist may seem like a long road of schooling, but really it’s not. When wanting to become a dental hygienist you are going to start off by going to college in this field of study. You can attend a community college for this degree or a university. Most hygiene programs are found in community colleges, technical schools, and universities.…show more content…
Dental hygienist that are going to school and getting their bachelor’s degree are making less money than the people with the associate’s degree. When getting your bachelors your are having to go to school for a longer time and you’re not able to get into the workforce as fast. The average bachelor’s degree is making around $63,977. People who are going to school just for their Associates of Applied Science are making $64,895 and people are Getting their Associate’s of Science are making $73,737. The reason the associate’s are making more is because they are going into the workforce first. These dental hygienist are able to work longer and build themselves up on the scale. They are working longer, therefore getting more experience and becoming a better hygienist. When their boss is seeing the great work they are performing, this is allowing them to give the hygienist a raise. When getting a medical job like this, the benefits that come with are great. Every office offers different benefits to their employees. The most common benefits are paid vacations, sick leave, and some type of retirement plan. There are many other benefits companies can offer. Usually getting a higher paying job the benefits are more and
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