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Introduction The science of implantology is highly dynamic with new concepts and trends surfacing since the time of ancient civilization excavations provided evidence of seashells and stones being formed into teeth like structure being placed in the human jaws. Nowadays with the concept of osteointegration and incorporation of dental specialties newer trends and concepts keep merging making the previously established ones to be obsolete. This paper at the time of writing reviews them all and enlists the current trends valid and practiced. 1.1 Tooth Loss Tooth loss has been and till today remains a very common problem which affects the quality of life of all mankind whether it may be during ingesting food or speech. Statistics provided by the…show more content…
The development of modern ceramic during the year 1992 and from that time dental implant companies have included ceramic surface treatment and ceramic like element in the manufacturing o dental implant trying to further enhance oestointergration. Today approximated 450,000 ostointegrated implants are placed every year with each providing the success rates of 95% with other dental specialties playing their part to ensure…show more content…
All these parts are continuously evolving in regard to their shape and the composition materials. Figure 2 : Anatomy of the dental implant [5] 2.2 Types of dental implants Dental implants based on their specific region of implantation have different designs and frequently used in dental implantology are (Figure 3: Different types if dental implants [11] : Endosteal (placed inside the bone), Subperiosteal (placed over the bone), Transosteal (placed through the bone), Intramucosal (placed inside the soft tissue). Dental implants on the basis of their particular application have different designs which may include: Root form (3 to 5 mm diameter, 7 to 20 mm height) Blade form (2.5 mm in width, 8- to 5 mm in depth, 15 to 30 mm in length) Ramus form: only a part of the metal is implanted in the bone (Figure 4 Root form implant and Figure 5 Ramus Frame) [11] 2.3 Bone Quality and Density The term bone quality is often used in implant treatment and in reports on

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