Dental Implant Research Paper

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Dental Implants
What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, usually placed into your jaw. It is generally made of titanium since this is a tolerable material by the bone and body. The purpose of the dental implant is to provide a function to teeth, missing for various reasons, as well as to provide an aesthetic look. Thanks to the implant, the missing teeth are replaced and the teeth perform their normal function and they would look naturally and beautifully in terms of aesthetics.
In the current state of dentistry, the dental implants certainly constitute the best and natural dental treatment for replacing missing teeth.
While implants provide better speech and chewing function
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_It does not harm other teeth as it is applied alone without getting a support from a tooth, hence it does not damage the other tooth.
_Prevents bone loss: A tooth extraction or loss of tooth causes a physiological loss in the bone tissue around the extraction or loss. If a dental implant is applied to the recent extraction site, the bone loss does not occur.
Hence, the implant treatment is the best choice to maintain the bone on the extraction site.
It does not cause any deterioration in the mouth and tooth structure of the person because it looks like a natural tooth. There are visual deteriorations in other treatments such as root canal and bridges since they deteriorate the structure of the bones. However, the dental implant therapy is free of these
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4-Final restoration
In the last phase, we attach the “crown”, made of porcelain or zirconium, on the implants, made of titanium and impacted to the bone, in our dental laboratories. The crowns or prosthesis are prepared according to the personal measurements, and placed on the implants either by bonding or screwing or by using both at the same time, as we call the hybrid method. The prosthesis teeth to be placed on the implant may be a single crown, sometimes a bridge, or sometimes a complete prosthesis. After all the procedures, the dentist informs the patient about the things s/he needs to take into consideration, and the treatment is completed.
In order to have a successful implant treatment, the patient needs to pay attention to the cleanliness of the teeth as well as oral hygiene.
(Here let's use these visuals: single tooth implant, implant supported bridge with 2 teeth, All on 6 denture, etc.)-For example;
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