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Costs, procedure and benefits of having a dental implant
What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is defined as an artificial tooth root which is inserted in the jaw to temporarily or permanently hold the artificial teeth in place. It is usually made of titanium which is found to be biocompatible with the human jaw bone. People who want to regain their confidence when speaking and smiling try having dental implants.
Osseointegration is the term for the special characteristic of titanium which helps in fusing the bone and the implant. Losing a tooth will automatically mean losing the bone that supports it as well. Due to this, dentists recommend having an implant because it will greatly help in stabilizing the jaw which will prevent any future bone loss
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The operation for dental implants will require a form of anesthesia which includes the general, local, nitrous oxide and intravenous sedation type. The surgery can be performed by periodontists, dentists and oral surgeons.
The surgery alone has several stages. First, Incisions are done in the gums in order to expose the bone. A hole where the implant will be placed is drilled in the bone. The implant will be completely inserted in the jaw bone. A temporary covering will be used to protect the gap from the force that can be created when chewing. When the surrounding gum and bone tissues heal, the implant will slowly bond itself to the bone. It can take four to six months to heal the affected gum and bone tissues.
After the first stage, an abutment will be installed. It is a post that can penetrate through the gums and connect the crown or the replacement tooth to the implant. It will take two weeks for the gums and bone tissues to heal after the abutment. Then the last step will be to put the artificial tooth to the abutment. The artificial tooth is designed from to fit naturally in your abutment and implant
Advantages and disadvantages of a dental

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