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The life I grew in is the world of constant moving. I have lived in China, Taiwan, Utah, Nevada, and California. My academic life was marked by transferring into different schools - four elementary schools, including Challenger school, three middle schools, including an IB program, and two high schools including a Career Technology Academy (CTA). I have developed great coping skills, and learned to appreciate social and cultural differences in various educational settings. I realized that each community that I have been living in had its unique personality.
Being a student at a magnet high school, South West CTA, majored in dental studies was an eye opener for my current career choice, Health Sciences. In the dental major, I had the chance to learn about the anatomy, diseases, and physiology of the human body. The teachers gave us the opportunity to research about different health issues. By understanding health issues more thoroughly, I made a visual media project of urinary system infections. It consisted the cause, symptoms, and the cure
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Lynbrook has allowed me to experience some unique job-shadowing opportunities to further my career interests. I was fortunate to get to job-shadow at Cupertino Dental Ortho/Pedo-Orthodontists. Here I learned in real-time what it would be like to work in a busy dental office, to observe how professionals work, interact with each other, and, most importantly, treat their clients. Also, I got to learn about related career choices in the health industry, such as dental, nursing, and physical therapy.
I used to think that moving around to different places was a nuisance,, but as I continued my academic life, my mindset has changed. I have gained a new perspective on life and learned that sometimes unexpected opportunities help you grow. I truly owe it to my parents, who gave me a chance to see different pieces of our wonderful
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