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Advanced Dental Technology Maintains Oral Health People are struggling to maintain their oral health by not sufficiently and regularly brushing or flossing well enough. Now, if people do not care about or try to at least maintain their oral health then the dental industry could shut down. The reason being, that people do not care enough or do not have enough money to go to dental practices to get an oral checkup, results in having bad oral care. Not long after, people will have to deal with oral diseases and difficulties if they do not get accustomed to taking better care of the inside of their mouths and get the assistance that they need. Since people are not taking care of their oral health well enough, that will lead them to go to a dental…show more content…
This technology allows certified dental technicians to provide restorations on a computer screen, which makes the job easier. The fabricated material can be done in a single appointment and there is no need for temporaries afterwards. Some studies have also demonstrated that CAD/CAM restorations are stronger and less likely to fracture than the milled ones from traditional techniques (Kotrzewski). This type of dental technology is available to produce crowns, veneers, and bridges, which helps to improve oral appearance. The use of the digital impressions disregards some laboratory steps, which leads to a faster and more effective product. “The benefit of CAD/CAM technology is that it allows the practitioner the ability to produce esthetic, well-fitting prosthetic dental restorations onsite in a matter of hours” (Kotrzewski). The ultimate convenience of this technology is that the restoration can be placed in the same day on the damaged tooth, whereas older techniques require temporaries for several weeks while the prosthetic is being sent to an offsite laboratory and produced. This technology has caused the dental restorations that are designed and produced in an easier and more simple manner. It has also improved the speed of the creation of the restorations, therefore CAD/CAM has become a highly used and competent dental technology in dental…show more content…
Dental implants are a long term replacement of teeth that are positioned in the jawbone beneath the gums. “They are substitutes for the roots of missing teeth and act as an anchor for a replacement tooth, crown, or a set of replacement teeth” (Dominguez). Since these are implanted directly to the jawbone, the gum will need to heal first and when the post is connected to the original implant, that is when the artificial tooth will be mounted. The convenience of this technology is that the adjacent teeth do not need to be prepped or dealt with when replacing the missing teeth. When the implants are properly maintained, they can typically last a lifetime and it is recommended to always take better care of the tooth. Dental implant is a form of cosmetic dentistry that is used to replace missing teeth for a more natural look and feel (Kotrzewski). When there is missing teeth, chewing ability is lost; not choosing to replace missing teeth can cause other teeth to be lost as well. One will have to replace missing teeth as soon as possible, because if chosen otherwise, in the end, there will be no teeth at all. Other obvious reasons to replace lost teeth, is that it can affect someone’s appearance and there could be a loss of self-esteem. The implants are there to aid in speaking and chewing problems that were caused by missing teeth. Dental implants are often the best type of treatment option for

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